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Shut up it’s ShutDown – your chance to change some things

1. Oktober 2013

Shut Up it’s a ShutDown.

Via Twitter @uscapitol

The USA is now, for a special period, in something like a > ShutDown modus.

To make it clear, not only the USA, the whole planet is in something like this called modus.
For example take Europe or > Japan.

So please don’t worry? Watching the fear mongerers will be an important next step.
Shut em down and think twice? This historical period has the power to change the old system and find new ways, worldwide.

So just reframe the Shut Down into things like Touchdown or what ever.
Maybe it’s a victory and not just a blind Republican action or just a political thing.

Take the situation a step higher, choose the Meta Level for creating your understanding of this impact.

World is changing out there, so shut up worrying and participate not only on wallstreet. Instead try your part of building a better and fairer society.

We all know the storries about change, > privatisation and the chances to grow, to start consciousness and take the other ways, for example the slow grow path.

PS. > Think about worklife

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  1. http://world-net-news.com permalink*
    1. Oktober 2013 06:59

    Politik-Stillstand in Deutschland, USA, Italien
    Warten auf den Vulkanausbruch



  2. http://world-net-news.com permalink*
    1. Oktober 2013 07:56

    Wagenhofer: „Die Angst ist der Motor des ganzen Systems“



  3. http://world-net-news.com permalink*
    1. Oktober 2013 08:01

    Evolutionsforscher fordert artgerechte Menschenhaltung statt Temporausch



  4. http://world-net-news.com permalink*
    1. Oktober 2013 10:46

    Haushaltsstreit: US-Bundesregierung schließt Behörden
    Achtzehnter „Government Shutdown“ in der Geschichte des Landes



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