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Some media try to give their best, to f*ck or to support Mr. Spock

5. Juli 2015

The Greeks have a special leader.. sorry.. IT’s Mr. Spockoufakis!

Discover the euoropean emotions!

In Germany we also ask, ‚where ist the emotional thing‘, > where is the ‚Freude‘?

Status Quo

In Germany, it seems, that some group of ‚Money and Media-Elite‘ tries to f*ck the Greek policy.

For example, let’s have a look at the german MainStream Media [MSM] critical Bildblog (unmasking the german ‚MSM‘ BILD Zeitung). So Bildblog is trying it’s best to unmask the stories of Bild Zeitung.

BILD. MSM. And Greek-Bashing?

Some people call it ‚Griechenhetze‘ or in english ‚agitation against the Greeks‘. But please remember! It’s the MSM media and not the german people! Please have a look: ‚Vampire’s and other silly stuff‘! Grown up [MSM] media people aka. journalists, are trying to teach european people (Germans, Greeks, etc.) to believe this f*cking, manipulation MSM shit..


screenshot / twitter

So what?

To give a ‚perfect‘ universal answer to the MSM media on planet earth, try something new:


screenshot / twitter Mr. Varoufakis looks like Mr. Spock!


So please give a f*ck to primitive MSM bashing with vampire bullshit and zombie stories! We are ’21st century‘ and above this negative MSM shit, isn’t it so!?

The future is #StarTrekEconomics and not > bashing the left parties in Europe! We also have in Germany media articles, which try to show, that ‚Germans don’t hate Greeks and Greeks don’t hate Germans‘. We know that this game is a > political story!

And we know, that it is a game of power.. > power of elites, of money and not for the people!

Europe, take care! Best wishes!

Think about!

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  1. http://world-net-news.com permalink*
    5. Juli 2015 20:36

    Wie man eine Finanzkrise auf die Bevölkerung eines gebeutelten Landes abwälzt
    Acht Dinge über die griechische Schuldenkrise, die Angela Merkel Dir nie erzählen würde



  2. http://world-net-news.com permalink*
    5. Juli 2015 21:09

    S.P.O.N. – Im Zweifel links: Ich stimme mit Nein



  3. http://world-net-news.com permalink*
    6. Juli 2015 20:47

    Varoufakis‘ Rücktritt
    „Ich trage die Abscheu der Geldgeber mit Stolz“



  4. http://world-net-news.com permalink*
    11. Juli 2015 19:51

    IWF gesteht: Statt Griechenland wurden Banken gerettet



  5. http://world-net-news.com permalink*
    11. Juli 2015 19:56

    Top Text!

    Klartext – Europa – ohne Schulden – Martin Schulz, Präsident des Europäischen Parlaments



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